For the wishes of Com Un Rêve of this new year, I would like to share with you a post that was dedicated to me on LinkedIn by a stranger! This post inspired me at the beginning of this year; I hope it will bring you inspiration too!


“Well, that’s what I’m going to call a weird, but nonetheless spontaneous and meaningful process, and it’s me in all my splendor 😊 that’s it … Today the LinkedIn network has offered me this leader’s contact with” angelic smile “as described by the media, but it’s the word” dream “that aroused me 🤔 So I made my curious I went through her career, her articles, her achievements, her predictions, her impulses, her vision 😉 And I was conquered; between Toulouse and Lyon there is not only one step, but the “human”, his “wish”, these “companies”, the “inaccessible”, “make happy” are approaches that not only spoke to me but … I liked it! My mindset this year, my beliefs, somewhere my hopes that such a concept will destabilize the system, confuse it, and may work in many organizations that currently should help man to move forward and yet do so backward …😣  I do not know her yet, she does not either, but I share her interview because she made me DREAM! 😀 And for that thank you Rana Badarani 😇 ”


I wish you an inspiring new year 2018!

Rana BADARANI / The Dream Planner




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