Rana / Dream Planner

My journey is punctuated by challenges that lead me to redefine my goals as close to my dreams as possible. Today, rising to the challenge of achieving the dreams of employees makes me truly happy!

From childhood dreams…

As a child, I wanted at all costs to work in advertising, which I discovered through videos and posters. Later on, I chose to pursue marketing / communication studies in my country of origin, Lebanon.
I arrived to France at the age of 19 with a challenge to take up in order to adapt to this new environment: to become trilingual! I speak Arabic and English but I do not know French. I take intensive courses for 18 months and I integrate professional trainings. I have a lot to learn before reaching a level of correct language.
At 26, I get my first contract as a technical assistant. A few months later, I realize that I cannot do this all my life! And that’s when my love for advertising came back to me, along with a professional project that sounds “like a dream”.
I am a mother of two and have a good level of French. I am determined to resume my studies in the field of communication and I obtain a bachelor’s degree with brio. My graduation internship takes place at the TBWA Compact agency.
Finally, I achieve my dream of working in advertising! I realize how much I am fulfilled, happy, motivated, proud of what I had accomplished to achieve what matters to me. I developed a certain self-confidence and a better evaluation of my abilities, which increased my potential.

…to Com Un Rêve

Armed with this observation, I decide to highlight dreams in companies. I create the start up Com Un Rêve, become a Dream Planner and accompany the personal fulfillment of employees by achieving their dreams.
The development of Com Un Rêve is fascinating. For four years, I exchange with over 600 employees, managers, company heads and potential providers. I relentlessly communicate with people and build a strong network before signing a first contract. The project brings together companies, employees and their associates, but also partner providers who respond to the wishes and dreams of employees.
Today, I am 37 and my goal is to bring dreams to the heart of all companies both nationally and internationally.

It’s time to find a true source of inspiration at work, a real sense to our daily life! Privileging the personal and collective achievement that will increase potentials and contribute to a better work performance, companies that rely on their employees’ dreams are innovative in that they are managing by happiness.