For the 7th edition of the Finance and Management Trophy organized on November 13, 2017 by the DFCG of Midi-Pyrénées chaired by Annie DARMON, 4 candidates, 2 women and 2 men, were in competition. This year, a woman, Marie-Laure Lacoste, financial director of the company DSI, won the trophy.

Com Un Rêve, who is a partner of this event, was entrusted with the mission of personalizing the reward of the winner. But what is she dreaming of?

Since its creation, Com Un Rêve fulfills the dreams of rewarded employees, within their company, through this innovative gift. What have men already dreamed of? To participate in the construction of a school in Africa, to drink a glass of romanée-conti, to become a professional formula 1 driver, to box fists and feet with a champion, to hunt grouse in Scotland, to participate in a regatta, to discover nanotechnology, to attend a football game of his favorite team (or that of his son) and the final game of the FIFA World Cup …

After all these “manly” dreams, Com Un Rêve is about to give a woman a dream! So, what has she been dreaming of since November 13, 2017?

Com Un Rêve, partner for the 3rd time of the Finance and Management Trophy of Midi-Pyrénées, thanks the * DFCG MP for its confidence and for the interest in the dreams of its members!

* DFCG MP: Association of Finance Directors and Management Controllers of Midi-Pyrénées.


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