His name is Paul, and he was elected by his colleagues as “best employee of the year 2017 of the Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon”. His dream is to open his hotel in his homeland Vietnam. Com Un Rêve accompanies him in the process.


The Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon recognizes and values ​​the performance of its employees. As such, it organized this year at its staff party the election of the employee of the year. The votes are based on values ​​set by the hotel. This year, one of the receptionists, Paul NIQUE, was elected!


The Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon could simply have offered its best employee a financial or non-personalized reward. But it opted for dreams! For this hotel, nothing is more beautiful than recognition with dreams, wishes and passions!


Com Un Rêve was informed about the dream and wishes expressed by Paul. It made proposals for personalized benefits and he made his choice! Thanks to the initiative, Paul will be able to study his project with a business incubator in Vietnam. Have his own hotel, achieve his dream!


Com Un Rêve thanks the Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon for its trust and interest in the dreams of its employees.

Com Un Rêve also thanks Andrew ROWAN and Jan ZELLMANN who significantly contributed to the development of this service.

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