Virginie Delalande / Godmother of World Dream Day France 2023 / 1st lawyer who is profoundly deaf by birth! Discover the actions
organized in France and the testimony of the Godmother, but also that of Ozioma Egwuonwu / Founder of World Dream Day, Josef Schovanec,
Valérie Pierson,  Melanie Astles, Agnès Faury, Isabelle Layer, Dounia Zellou, Jiana Saad, Paul Fontaine, Mélanie Sevilla, Sylvie Nouaille,
Céline Cussac, Nadja Tretiakoff, Marc Vossen, Baptiste Tandonnet, Emmanuelle Bessez, Isabela Hiti, Frédéric Lacaze, Lisaa Camin & 
Rana Badarani / Ambassador World Dream Day in France / President Le Rêve Pour Tous.

Event hosted by Virginie Delalande and Rana Badarani!


Let’s celebrate World Dream Day on September 25 every year!




– Having dreams is a common need to all humans, they bring us together, and at the same time, they make each of us unique.

– Dreams help us overcome difficulties more easily, remain hopeful and move forward.

– Following our dreams is a source of lasting happiness, motivation and inspiration.

– When you achieve a first dream, you start dreaming bigger.

– Fulfilling our dreams brings us inner peace, just like ignoring them leads us to a dead end.

– Identifying our dreams is the first step towards achieving them.

– That’s why World Dream Day is the annual opportunity for every individual to identify or remember their dreams to move them forward.





Organize actions and talk about them so that it is celebrated:

– In your town or village to create links,

– At your school to make young people aware of the magical powers of dreams,

– In your company, to give more meaning to our daily work,

– In your association, to give hope,

– In your retirement home, to keep dreaming.


Created in 2012 by Ozioma Egwuonwu,,

World Dream Day France is carried by the association Le Rêve Pour Tous! World Dream Day France warmly thanks all the persons who took action, all the witnesses and partners and each person who participated in the success of the 2023 edition!


A special thank you to the Godmother Virginie Delalande for her support and actions, and for having hosted the digital event of the 2023 edition!


A special thank you to Mr. Fréderic Lacaze, responsible for Mission Handicap for the city council of Toulouse and Toulouse Métropole, for his involvement in the success of this edition.


A special thank you to Mr. Michel Tognini, astronaut and former head of the European Astronaut Center for his support.


“When one man dreams,

it’s only a dream.

But if many men

dream together,

it’s the beginning

of a new reality.”

Friedensreich Hundertwasser