The students of IGS-RH Toulouse met Com Un Rêve and they expressed themselves:

“Very good idea, an excellent way of recognition who wins to be known!” The word “dream” can be scary at first, but after this conference, I am convinced! “
“A very beautiful project in the current circumstances of job.It seems all the more logical to customize the rewards and recognition gifts that the company offers to its employees Congratulations for your project!”
“The Com Un Rêve project is innovative. For me, it’s a very good mean of motivation, and considering everyone’s dreams and wishes makes it possible to get to know what you really want and to have better recognition. Persevere! “
“Innovative project, very innovative! Rana conveys her passion, motivation and energy! She puts all her heart to achieve the dreams of employees. […] Good luck to her!”
“Continue to believe in your startup and in you! This concept is great! If I were director I will call you without hesitation!”
“Magical! Good performance, brings a little happiness in life. We want to believe! Good luck!”
Thanks for all of you!

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