Rana Badarani / Dream Planner

My determination has always helped me achieve my projects. It is because I achieved my own dream that I became the dream-planner and founded Com Un Rêve.

I henceforth put my resolution at the service of the directors and managers to bring dreams into companies.

Looking forward to exchanging views!

Vision, mission and ambition 

And the company dreams…

By recognizing the human being’s quest for happiness and essential need for freedom, we must attach a very special importance to the dream within the company itself. This incredible source of energy stimulates our intellectual capacities, develops our imagination and makes valuable everything we do. Why leave our dream at the doorstep of the company?

Com Un Rêve fulfills the dreams of employees at the workplace, for contributing to the fulfillment of one’s employees also means contributing to the success of one’s company.


For an innovative way to enhance and bring teams together, Com Un Rêve accompanies the companies that offer to achieve the dreams of their employees. From now on, dreams and corporate culture join forces for the best outcome!


We personalize the exceptional bonuses following challenges & incetives by fulfilling the dream of an employee or of a team.


We turn into dreams the gratitude gifts of employees: loyalty, retirement, marriage…


We bring teams together, from the expression of a common dream up until its achievement.


We integrate the notion of dreams into your corporate events, conferences, seminars and group discussions.


Com Un Rêve allows you to:

– galvanize the teams and increase their potential
– develop human capital
– bring consideration and value-creation
– give an attractive image of the company.

Achieving one’s dream is the key to lasting happiness and motivation. Beyond money or any other material object, dreams accomplished by some shine on others. The return on investment is immediate.


They trust us

We’ve made their dreams come true

I rethought my garden with a landscaper! I have always dreamt of having a very green and flowery garden, beautiful as in the magazines and with a vegetable patch.

To eat in the best restaurant in the world was what I most desired! A unique and an unforgettable experience! 

Since I was 12, I dreamed of heliskiing! And this happened to me with an Olympic medalist!

Returning to Tahiti to bring my memories back to life with my father. And my dream came true with Sofitel!

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My speech at University for Peace – UN mandated

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Workshop Dreams at University for Peace – Costa Rica

Workshop Dreams at University for Peace – Costa Rica

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31 years in the Saint-Exupéry Clinic crowned by a dream!

31 years in the Saint-Exupéry Clinic crowned by a dream!

I am more than happy to announce that I have personalized the retirement gift of Anne-Marie, Director of Nursing at Clinique Saint-Exupéry. As always, it is about making a new dream come true. After 31 years spent in St-Exupéry, this loyal collaborator dreams of...

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